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Re: The backlash will be great

Two facts:

1. The MAFIAA's tracking companies operate by engaging in "hit and run" connections to bittorrent trackers. Multiple simultaneous connections to the trackers for torrents A-D are made, at which point the IP addresses participating in those torrents are fetched from said trackers. Then the MAFIAA tracking company disconnects from all those trackers, so it can repeat the entire process for the next batch of torrents it wants to monitor: torrents E-H ... and then torrents I-M ... and then torrents N-Q ... and then torrents R-U ... and then torrents V-Z ... etc.

2. Bittorrent trackers cache the IP addresses of torrent participants for brief periods after they're last heard from. This means that if you participate in a torrent, that torrent's tracker will claim that your IP is still participating in it for a while after you've actually stopped participating in it.

So here's what happens:

1. Some kid starts downloading 6 "hot" torrents simultaneously. (You are aware that most torrent users download many things simultaneously, yes?)

2. Upon finishing, he does a DHCP release+renew, changing his IP address in the mistaken belief that ISPs don't track past IP assignments, only current ones. (Kids are stupid, right?)

3. The kid's previous IP remains cached by the trackers of the torrents he was downloading for 30 minutes.

4. 4 minutes after the kid changed his IP, his ISP assigns his previous IP to another subscriber who has just turned on or rebooted his modem or router.

5. 11 minutes after the kid changed his IP, along comes the MAFIAA tracker, which scoops up the kid's previous IP (now the unwitting subscriber's IP) from the torrents that kid was previously participating in.

6. Our unwitting subscriber receives 6 simultaneous letters for pirating Beyonce and J-Lo and other shit he's never heard of.

This is just one example of how people are going to be falsely accused. In fact, this is one of the technical means by which people have been falsely accused in the past. And with the MAFIAA tracking companies now ramping up their spying operations in conjunction with the six strikes scheme, it will happen much more often than it ever did. In fact, people who resent being spied upon will begin changing their IP addresses after (or while) participating in torrents simply to throw monkey wrenches into the whole system: to artificially create false positives (and innocent victims) anywhere they can, so as to show that the scheme is flawed and broken.

In any event, we'll be looking forward to that video you've promised us of yourself sucking donkey cock.