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reply to John Galt

Re: OT - Site Monitoring Device - Input Needed

Most of those are overpriced, and lack a lot of basics (A few of them have either limited or no SNMP support, and that qualifies as the dirt basic necessity)

That's what kinda pisses me off with the sensor/monitoring products out there. They are wickedly overpriced shit. There's nothing in there that even costs a 20th of what it takes to build them, and the software that drives them are absolutely horrible. Use MT or Ubnt as an example, the hardware is also dirt cheap, but a lot goes into programming them.

(Yeah that's another gripe, I've never seen a single sensor board driven by any kind of software/interface that was reliable, or even "decent" as far as I'm concerned)

The best interface I've ever seen in any kind of package like these is the DLI interface for their power relay stuff, and that interface is HORRIBLE, and lacks SNMP, but it's still better than most of the above stuff. (Minus the heavy duty $5K site monitoring systems used by the big carriers, I've never seen a decent interface on any sub $1K relay/monitoring box)