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I'll Be Back

Lodi, NJ
reply to djdanska

Re: why all the tmo/mpcs hate?

said by djdanska:

There has always been some hate in regards to metropcs and t-mobile. It's kinda referred as the poor persons phone company.

It's almost like many verizon & at&t users are saying "I pay double for my phone service, and get less. I'm better than you".

Sadly this is the insanity we are dealing with. Why in this economy would you pay more for the privilege of less? I get the same service if not better than ATT on Tmo and I'm saving big bucks doing it? People have been lulled into the false idea that you have to pay more over time to get a great phone. Do the math, it's cheaper overtime to get the phone outright and go with a carrier with better rates. Call me cheap if you like, i'll be on vacation while you're paying off your cell bill.