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Why Me?
Bradenton, FL
reply to tanzam75

Re: One way to destroy a good thing

said by tanzam75:

said by viperpa33s:

This is going to suck. Just looked at T-Mobile site and to get something comparable to MetroPCS is going to cost an extra $50 to $70 a month or more.


You're comparing MetroPCS prepaid to T-Mobile postpaid.

You should compare MetroPCS prepaid to T-Mobile prepaid.

Specifically, T-Mobile Monthly4G Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web.

Same $50 you're paying now. No contract. Taxes included. Call any phone.

Go to each others site and compare, the same $50 plan


said by viperpa33s:

Go to each others site and compare, the same $50 plan


*Four* different people have now replied to you, pointing out that T-Mobile's $50 Monthly4G prepaid unlimited plan sure looks equivalent to MetroPCS's $50 prepaid unlimited plan.

You listed six benefits to MetroPCS -- all six of which are also present with the T-Mobile Monthly4G plan. You listed six drawbacks to T-Mobile -- none of which are present in the T-Mobile Monthly4G plan.

It may not be identical in all details, but the main points are essentially equivalent. The main difference that I can see is in how roaming is handled. But then, T-Mobile also has broader nationwide coverage, so you can stay on the T-Mobile network in more situations.

Replying "Go to each others site and compare" doesn't help advance the discussion. We have already done that. Now it's up to you to show us why we're blind. What, exactly, are you getting with MetroPCS that you wouldn't get with T-Mobile prepaid?

Two other people have already posted the link to T-Mobile's Monthly4G plans. You didn't reply to them, so I will post it again. Please go to the URL and compare the $50 T-Mobile Monthly4G plan with MetroPCS, point-for-point, and tell us what we're all missing: