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reply to sbrook

Re: CRTC fines foreign telemarketers for do-not-call violations

said by sbrook:

Maybe they'll get Bell et al to use technology to block at least some of these fraudsters.

They should force Bell et al to fix this!

Who this they, Kimo Sabby ?

I agree that it would be the right thing to do for phone providers to block this shit - at least block the known bad callers.

In recent times, I never pick up my phone unless I recognise on my CID who is calling - and sometimes even THEN....

Sites like »www.800notes.com are very good to learn the identity of many unsolicited callers, and I have managed to avoid having to even HEAR some of the spiels such as the above-posted ones by not answering, and checking there first.

BTW, just who is this AL fellow who hangs out so much with BH#$ELL, and what is HIS part in all of this ?


We have only 2 things about which to worry :
(1) That things may never get back to normal
(2) That they already HAVE !