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Prince George, BC

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reply to nss_tech

Re: Telus jacking up long distance rates to 40 cents per minute

said by nss_tech:

Mine are 4¢ a minute and I'm not on a long distance plan. Mine will be going up to 40¢ along with everyone else without a plan.

if you have $0.04/min you ARE on a long distance plan

Believe it or not this may be a good thing for some people.
Previously customers without a plan had rates based on time of day savings and the location you'd be calling...
example... daytime BC to ON might be $0.60/min but late night might be $0.12/min (examples as I can't remember the exact numbers)

edit: daytime van to toronto $0.48
evening $0.31
late night $0.19
if you call before 6pm in vancouver you'll saving money with the new plan... if you call after 6 (so you call people at 9pm ontario time) you'll be spending money
late night = midnight - 8am
That being said... if you don't have a plan, you probably only use 2-3 minutes a month (if that) otherwise you'd probably be on a plan

In other words, relax
I may work for, but do not necessarily represent the views and beliefs of TELUS Communications.