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Binghamton, NY

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reply to 88615298

Re: I think they are serious

said by 88615298:

B) You're going to get all pissed off and ragey over a letter? Which is the "penalty" for illegally downloading.

Master plan:

1) Tell ISP about infringing account.
2) ISP sends strongly worded letter.
3) One of the following happens:

- Parent/Grandparent yells at teenager, teenager stops pirating music/videos for awhile.
- Spouse A yells at Spouse B, Spouse B stops pirating music/videos/porn for awhile.
- Grandma has no idea what happened, calls technically literate friend, who secures her wi-fi/cleans malware off her PC.
- Letter goes into the pile, never gets opened, account probably never receives another, if it does goto step #1.
- Serial pirate ignores letter, goto step #5

4) End.

5) Serial pirate invests in overseas VPN account OR gets sued in due time.

I suspect that the first example under step #3 accounts for a significant percentage of piracy, and in that instance a scary letter may well prove to be effective.