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Re: Hospital Milking us and insurance company/Brotman Medical

said by thegeek:

hospitals are notorious for getting the bills wrong. requesting the itemized bill was the smart first move. also, hospitals charge ridiculous amounts because there are a lot of people without insurance that simply cannot pay. they have to cover those expenses some how. the insurance company likely will not pay anywhere near close to what the billed amount was anyway. they will have set rates that they will pay. still, your coinsurance will likely be a percentage of the original bill so it is in your best interest to get that itemized bill asap and go through it with a fine tooth comb. also, sit down right now and write down absolutely everything you can remember that the hospital did for your wife that you think they could bill for. it's best to do that now instead of waiting because the longer you wait the more you will forget.

and most importantly, i hope your wife is doing better now. dealing with medical issues of a loved one is hard enough, trying to worry about obnoxious medical bills only makes it harder. try to stay calm and have patience and good luck!

Thanks so much, she is doing better. They didn't find anything wrong with her cardiovascular system. We remember everything they did and every medicine they gave her. The insurance company ended up paying $5600, and we are responsible for $2116
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