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Highland, CA

upload and current deals

so, my contract is up this month, and i am looking for the current best deal.. does anyone have a good site that tracks everything that is being offered?

also is there a way to contact level 2 support and upgrade your upload speed? I work from home/work a lot, so need to VPN both directions, a 1.5mb cap is very slow for a dual monitor RDC session.

Frankly, i would be willing to pay more, but there isnt an option


Highland, CA
one other note, anyone else have issues with high quality streams from youtube?

anything normal quality and its fine, but when i do HQ, it doesnt buffer well. im at 12mbps


reply to Hurk
there is a thread a few pages back with a direct email to all of the Tier 2 reps. I dealt with Justin and he was a huge help.

Orange, CA
reply to Hurk
3 Mbps is the highest upload you can get if you subscribe to the 24/3 package. (If your line qualifies for that). As someone who works from home as well on Mondays and Fridays, and often has to "check out" and "check in" large files from a Sharepoint server, 3 Mbps upload is really tedious and really making checking files back in a slow process.

Several collegues in Huntington Beach report it works great. Of course they have 25 Mbps upload with Verizon FIOS.

Upload will continue to be the achilles heel for U-Verse. They might be able to come up with 5 Mbps, and sell it as the greatest thing since sliced bread, but the reality is that the current *DSL over copper technology has severe limitations when it comes to upload.

TWC currently offers 30/5, and I have been considering moving away from U-Verse, but I do really like their phone service and would not be saving money if I left phone with ATT.

Rumors are that TWC will offer a 50/25 utilizing bundled upstreams in the Los Angeles area at some point in the NEAR future. They have been in other markets, but Los Angeles is usually a bit on the slow side due to its massive TWC footprint. If that is the case, I might be more compelled to switch.
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reply to Hurk
They will increase as soon as they see it as another revenue source


Highland, CA
thanks for the input, im only 86 feet from the fiber loop, so my upload sync is over 16mb/sec I would just love to be able to use some of that instead of it being wasted.

anyone else have that youtube issue I mentioned? seems wierd.