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San Diego, CA
reply to viperpa33s

Re: why all the tmo/mpcs hate?

said by viperpa33s:

said by northalabama:

i seem to be one of the few happy about this news. a tmo customer for 10 years, they have the best voice quality in my local mkt, and great data, too.

our att and verizon networks are built on old, broken down infrastructure from companies past, and it isn't getting better with age (or patches).

voice calls on verizon here sound like callers have socks in their mouths (old gte network). att has snail paced data, less coverage than verizon, and not that much more coverage than tmo. att has done little, if anything, to improve their service, only making excuses. were not big enough at 500,000 metro for verizon or att to care.

tmo's network is much higher quality, and has only gotten better over time. sure, i'm not in ny, la, or dallas, but i expect see great things for our neighborhood and others that have been forgotten by the big carriers. go, tmo!

What your saying is to stick with what your happy with? I couldn't agree with you more and basically that's all I am saying. I had AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. They all have there problems but I have dealt with less from Metro.

Everyone is looking to save a buck these days. Being with Metro for 5 years, I saved a lot of money. So far what I have seen, T-Mobile is not offering anything better than what Metro provides. I do have to say that T-Mobile offers better phones than MetroPCS.

A much faster and larger high speed data network. It may not be LTE but i can download 15-20Mb/s down if not more. But, not everybody needs that.
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