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This is a sub-selection from Junk+Junk=


San Jose, CA
reply to BiggA

Re: Junk+Junk=

In Chicago area u could see t-mobile hspa+ blowing AT&T 3G in many areas, especially south side. Back in 2008, when I switched from t-mobile to AT&T, I lost some quality in service until AT&T improved networks 1 year layer. I had Nokia with tmobile and I recall having more often reliable reception than on bb curve with AT&T. It could be phones, but I have of doubt t-mobile suffered less due to having more and newer towers, and no iPhone at that time.

Now I still have AT&T and have iPhone 5 and I'm happy with them, I wouldn't switch. But in my opinion, tmobile has been quite competitive, especially in large metro areas.


But once you leave the urban area, T-Mobile has nothing. So for anyone who ever, say, goes on vacation, T-Mobile is pretty worthless. AT&T and Verizon work pretty much everywhere. Verizon is the most consistent in that.


San Jose, CA
You wanna see real junk mobile operator? Just check out i-wireless (www.iwireless.com). They are t-mobile affiliate. Some large towns, they serve with 2G only. They sell "penny" phones with 2 year contracts and they don't have any new or good android selection.