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Winder, GA

Whats up with HomeFusion coverage area???

Last week I checked to see if my address was in HomeFusion coverage area and it showed that I was. Then yesterday I checked and it said I wasn't. This morning it said I was. Now tonight it says I'm not. I started checking some of my neighbors addresses and it flip flops on them also.


Lost today
The only way your ever really going to know is go to a Verizon store or call and get them to plug in your address into their system. And that is a crap to,till the installer get's to your site he may say yes or no depending on signal strength.


The installer is coming Tuesday. If all goes well, we'll have home fusion that day. When they installed 4G in the local tower, my address was excluded from the coverage area. I went this morning to the Verizon store and asked if there was an alternative. They checked again said I was in the fusion coverage area so they scheduled the tech visit. Hopefully it will work out.


The installer came and went. Coverage was too spotty to install the unit. The store says perhaps in a few months. Out of curiosity, what would change in a few months in improve coverage?


Cobbs Creek, VA
maybe the backhaul to the tower


reply to fmw3
Out of curiosity, what would change in a few months in improve coverage?
Check coverage yourself with a LTE capable device. Verizon presumably wants a safe bet when they set up a customer for HF. Just because they don't feel comfortable that they can give you HF type speeds, doesn't mean you cannot achieve the speeds yourself.


Senoia, GA
My house is located in the solid 4G LTE area on Verizons map, but when they put my address in the system is says that HF isn't available. I can even see the tower from my backyard. Since we currently have/had Hughes Satellite internet (cable and DSL not available here) we got the Verizon Jetpack.

For two months now, it has operated flawlessly on 4G LTE. To my knowledge, it has never had to digress to 3G, but it has the capability to do so, unlike HF.

So now we are stuck for two years with the Jetpack and a max of 20 Gig a month, unless we pay an early termination fee, even if HF comes available and we sign up for it.


I purchased the iPad 3 with 4G. Needed it for my business, but it also provides me with 28.5 to 31.6 Mbps download, up to 3.5 Mbps up. The Jet Packs are "old" technology and can only get 8-12 Mbps down. This is why Verizon only advertises such a low performance being that they sell the Jet Pack

Tried to get Home Fusion (service prices much lower than shared data), but they said I was unable because my house was not registered with the USPS. Funny thing is, the people that live in town that get mail don't need Home Fusion (HF) because they can get cable or DSL. The people that live in rural areas that can't get mail delivered (use PO Box), can't get cable or DSL and need HF.

Once I got a mailbox installed 3/4 mile away (on the USPS route), contacted the Emergency Management Commission (911) and got a letter that my house had a permanent 911 address -- giving a copy of the letter to the post office's and got registered with the USPS -- FINALLY!

So I contact Verizon about getting HF and they still say they can't do it.

Are there idiots at Verizon?


reply to Thumpernator
You should have bought a used one and went month-to-month like I did. You pay a little more at the beginning, but I am not locked into a contract.


Cobbs Creek, VA
If you don't want a contract go with www.millenicom.com
... need help? »evdo-tips.com/