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El Quintron
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Re: Big Boys Toys qustion

said by jobond:

Latest purchase, because 1.5 GB isn't enough vram at 1440p:

Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition Vapor-X 3 GB.

It fucking rocks.

Why do you have to use obscene language?

Because the card is obscenely powerful?

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Your Daddy
reply to jobond
said by jobond:

Why do you have to use obscene language?

Because the card is fucking awesome.
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Caveat Emptor
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Everything I buy is on a want factor. No I didn’t really need a new tablet, but I wanted one anyways. No I don’t really need a smartwatch, but I bought one. No, there was nothing wrong with my $1200 2011 model year Sony ES A/V receiver, but I bought the new 2012 model that replaced it. I can use the excuse I needed a 5th HDMI input and my previous receiver only had 4, but I’m addicted to this stuff and have no problem admitting it. Hell, in December of 2011 I spent $7,000 on Christmas presents for myself in for of electronic toys. For the past few years I’ve kept a list of ‘Things I Want’. And cross them off as I buy them. Most items that have been added in the past few months have been things to replace items I previously purchased and already crossed off. Aside from a few movies on Blu Ray (The Raven, Promethious and The Dark Knight Rises) the only items on my list are the Jawbone Big Jambox Bluetooth speaker, which I will probably be ordering in the next week, and laser jammers for my car. And then that’s it! Now of course I’d really love to have a fully loaded 2013 Lincoln Navigator L for $70,000 or that Sony 84” 4K TV for $25,000, but I keep my ‘Things I Want’ list to more realistic items.

Personal computers are a little bit different. I buy the latest and greatest at the time, use the thing for four years and then configure and buy a new one. My 1 year old HP laptop is still looking pretty nice with a 1080p 3D display, 2.3 GHz quad core processor and 16 GB of RAM. I can still get 3 more years out of it. Hopefully by then real laptops will still be around and I’ll have more options than these stupid puny ‘ultrabooks’ things with their dinky displays.
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