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Lake Hopatcong, NJ
reply to dm145

Re: [iO] New Guide Rollout

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said by dm145:

said by kickass69:

Already getting feedback from my mother who despises the new guide. It's too dark for her, the letters are no longer bright and easy to read and the font is smaller, plus to her there's more steps to doing most things now.

can you still hit the arrows to pull up info bar and scroll to see whats on without launching guide?

Yes you can thankfully.

My biggest issues thus far with the new guide/Quick Settings/Settings setup is instead of previously having a double button press to get to the guide (iO Button then Select), with the new guide setup you now have to double press Select to switch to the channel you got highlighted.

A mini menu comes up with 'Watch, Record Series, More Info and Close.

There's no need for it when for those with 8300s, 8300HDs and DVR Plus you can just hit the record button or the info button for more info like we have been doing.

In the settings menu under Audio/Output Type, you can only choose between Dolby Digital being on or off as they combined all the digital outs under Dolby Digital now as you can see above.

Previously you could choose just Dolby Digital and HDMI separately which worked great in my case if I switched between using HDMI audio to my TV or Dolby Digital for my audio system. Now regardless whether I choose DD being on or off, I have audio coming out of both the TV and system at the same time. Thankfully I can turn off the TV volume entirely in my TV's menu settings.

I noticed RickNY's shots above showed his guide functional at midnight. For me at midnight it was down for 15 minutes while it was downloading new guide data. I was under the impression with this guide being supposedly cloud based that wouldn't happen anymore unless that was a glitch.