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reply to Kardinal

Re: Canadian comes home from Guantanamo

said by Kardinal:

said by vue666:

This thread is not about Maher Arar. It's about Omar Khadr... IF you wish to discuss the Maher Arar case, then kindly start a new thread...

Ahem......it's not about Korea, charging Khadr's mother or a non-existant charge of treason (which you have mentioned at least 4 times), so pointing your finger at others and yelling "OFF TOPIC!!" is amusing.

said by Anav:

Hey take it easy on Vue, hes having problems connecting the dots these days.

Hey, it's impressive that an attempt to connect the dots is being made, given that it's a Rorscharch test that is being administered.

[edit = fixed spelling of proper name]

You and others allege Khadr was tortured/waterboarded while being held in Guantanamo Bay detention camp. Yet where is your evidence that crime was commited? Who was charged with torturing Khadr?

You and others claim Omar's confession of guilt was obtained through coercion. Where is your proof?

YET you demand I can not make a similar charge of treason against him or his family... I may have claimed treason 4 times BUT how many times has the use of torture on Khadr been mentioned?

Now post your evidence of torture and not someone's opinion torture may have been used...

Kindly lookup the definition of treason and then tell me the actions of Omar and his Khadr family does not apply...

I call the kettle black...