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Fo' Shizzle
Houston, TX

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reply to TheHox

Re: UBNT AirMax - What does what?

If your primary tower is tall enough you could probably stack 5 gig sectorized radios with 25 feet vertical separation. With shield kits you could do 3 sectors at each elevation and maybe have 3 sets of them for a total of 9 radios. That would be in addition to however much 2.4 and 900 meg gear you could stuff up there.

I have two nanobridges on one tower with only 7 feet of vertical separation, both facing the same direction. With them at each extreme end of the high power frequency spectrum they see each other with about -40 (no sheild kits) which does not cause any problem. This is a dual link ptp and the RX from the distant end is -64. I can max out the 100 Mbps LAN connection with either link. These links have been running continuously since about a week after the nanobridges came on the market. I run the TX power at 18 dBm, not Full Power. Kudos to WHT for saving me the effort of looking up the maximum legal frequency spread. That thread is buried back in this forum.