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reply to JigglyWiggly

Re: News: Internet Data Caps

said by JigglyWiggly:

You mean the few cents for cost of data transmit?
They'r backbone isn't clogged. Comcast's network is doing fine w/o any caps right now. They don't need to reimplement them.

It's just nice knowing that I can use my Internet as much as I want w/o worrying about going over my limit, especially when I have xtreme105 which should have no caps at all.

Your comment is a bit of rhetoric or ill-informed. The reality is ISP networks are constantly upgrading ($$$) to prevent being "clogged" and this is not a "put in caps to avoid" future spending. The money IS being spent every day to keep up and allow you to continue to say there is "no problem" without fully understanding (or admitting to why) and at who's cost.

The trajectory of how traffic is growing IS changing and increasing. That said, it is not everyone that is driving this change so not everyone should be accountable for it. If you use more, get a new tier. If you don't (most everyone), stay on your current (yearly speed increasing) tier. It's that simple and VERY low impact to 99% of broadband. People can still surf, download music, watch tons of Netflix, game all day long, etc, etc. The tiers/caps have stayed well ahead of demand keeping this 99% number pretty solid as show from very recent data

Don't you feel that the 99% within the above URLs curve should not be paying for the 1%'s usage? Why is it such a problem for an extreme few to pay a fair share (some % of usage) vs spreading the 1%'s costs across their neighbors?

Imagine if you had a common neighborhood electric or water bill with a flat rate. How happy would you be with the guy that leaves his Christmas lights on all year 7x24? Or the guy that puts faucets out on the curb for people outside the neighborhood to fill their pools.

To become a terabit user is not easy. While there are corner cases, terabit users I expect are usually "That Guy" and neighbors should not be held accountable for his cost.


Pleasanton, CA
yes because using your internet is totally comparable to using 500 watt light bulbs 24/7


This is the only site in existence that defends data caps. Probably because you guys work at ISPs and want to protect even more revenue.


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There are no perfect analogies for the Internet. But there are good analogies for inefficiencies, waste and fair allocation of costs

You should really check the facts versus using rhetorical dismissive statements. Again I ask why should the 99% pay relatively FAR more of their contribution to overall capacity growth than the 1%.