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Peterborough, ON
reply to elwoodblues

Re: Dalton's anti-smoking minions have had enough.

said by elwoodblues:

How does cracking down on smoking increase revenue? I'd love to know how you came to that conclusion. have you been studying the discredited laffer curve again?

Lots of fines that's how. In reality they spend so much to fine and prosecute that the return isn't there and a substantial deficit in revenues occurs.

Did you know that provincial prosecutors, who are paid to do these prosecutions, are being passed over in favour of private lawyers and all paid for by your health care levy?

Fort Erie, ON
Well, of course. A provincial prosecutor would be more likely to drop charges and/or significantly lower penalties in an effort to ensure that they had sufficient resources to handle their caseload of other more important things like health and safety violations, serious driving infractions, building code issues, etc. Special prosecutors, being paid by the job and/or the hour, have no such restrictions, and continue to make money no matter how long they drag a case - and god forbid we ever drop a smoking charge!