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Carrying Place, ON

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reply to pende_tim

Re: New Nest Thermostat- 2 stage

Very cool. Sounds like it would do well with our heating/cooling schedule.
We like 72 when we lounging around at home and 68 for sleeping.
Things that I did not see are HRV control and remote sensors (that are more economical than a nest in every zone).
Having an open loop geothermal unit, long run times overwhelming the well are a concern. I think the nest will be able to deal with this with a bit of coaching. It clearly can avoid using the auxiliary electric which we affectionately call the $pender.
What is unclear is how it would handle our off grid primary heat source, the zero clearance fireplace. It causes heat imbalances that we manually control using the furnace fan to distribute this heat as required. The living room will get overtemperature, but that's fine as long as the bedrooms are not. This where a couple remote sensors would be nice. I'm looking for it to run the fan, but don't over heat the bedroom. One hot restless sleep and SWMBO would open windows and make me remove the nest in favor of the old Honeywell.
I just might have to put a nest on my Christmass list.

Farmington, MI
It sounds like you could benefit from a more sophisticated controller than a smart thermostat...