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reply to elwoodblues

Re: "I am calling from Windows" scammer calls ARS.....

said by elwoodblues:

First I can dispel believe in TV very easily, most of it is BS.

My sister who downloads "Linux distros" daily is uber paranoid somebody will catch her, even though it's not possible since she's not sharing anything and I encrypted her connections.

Not to derail the thread... but you're wrong with that part...

Completely POSSIBLE to track who d/l's distro's; and work it back to an actual ISP and account holder... But the copyright cop's don't care enough to; when there's far larger fish to fry. Anyways...

As for the scammers - I've never gottne a call from them - but my parent's have gotten several; including one that ALMOST got my mom to go along... Her spidey-sense didn't start tingling until the guy got super-pushy when she asked for a call-back number, so that her son (me...) could be come over and be on the computer to help.