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Boise, ID
reply to AlanSixSons

Re: [Help Me] DIR-655 / non-stop IGMP queries

I suggest down grading to see if the problem still exists. If so then the problem lies else where, if not then possible issue with FW. I did see some odd behavior with an early version of v2.07 that broke Shareport and had constant network activity with the LEDs. This was fixed and presume this is probably not the case here. v2.03 is very stable and was considered the best. Only thing that v2.07 does is has some IPv6 improvements.

I would try v2.03 as a test. You can always go back to v2.07 after. I used both and they work well.

You may want to visit the D-Link forums for additional review and help suggestions.


I'll consider that, thanks.

The "problem" has not occurred in 2 days now (that I'm aware of). Perhaps I'll leave Wireshark running for 48 hours and trap IGMP's to see if it's still there.

It might be a one off bug that only occurs after a re-boot.

Filtering with Wireshark, presently, the router is issuing the IGMP request once every 2 minutes and 5 seconds. That's reasonable.

I'll try a re-boot later to see if it kicks off the deluge.