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Carp, ON
reply to pulp46

Re: [Wireless] LTE in Carp - arguement with Rogers

In the past year we've used:
1. Rogers portable internet (service shutdown by Rogers in March).
2. Xplornet 4G satellite - horrible ping times, horrible throttling and extremely unreliable
3. Bell 3G cell phone + dial up. Dial up was actually better than satellite. Might take 40 mins to download a song on iTunes but at least it worked. Couldn't even do that on the 'new' 4G satellite system.
4. Rogers Rocket Hub - It's been the best of them all - except for the recent outage. I've been able to VPN to work and download games from Steam.

As for torrents - well with a 20GB cap, $10/GB overage it's pretty much a no go. Hoping in the future they either increase the cap or lower the overage.

The most frustrating part is that Richardson Side Road has active fiber on it - there's a development further west, near the Rogers tower that has FTTH. They leap-frogged everyone between west Kanata and that development. I actually talked to someone in the Bell engineering dept and there are no plans to put ONUs in the area. It was after that conversation that we decided to give the LTE Rocket Hub a try.


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Wow g, that's a hell of connectivity history. At any point... did you ever think about MOVING? LOL I kid, I kid! Seriously however, I did just that in one of my many moves, decided high speed Internet was a priority.


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reply to gleonard

Despite what Rogers says and shows on her map, LTE isn't coming any time soon to Metro Carp:

0 LTE Cell Sites!

Here's what she's outfitted with.... nevermind waiting to be lit, no LTE hardware even!