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Fairfield, MT
·3Rivers Communic..

Something is rather FISHY about this CRAP. BAD POOL APPLE!

Um, Something is awful fishy about all this crap called iOS6. Could it be that they are in cahoots with the various carriers that charge overages? Or is it gotten so bad with APPLES money grab that they have uses the least amount of money to make a new OS that is full of bugs? Bad pool you fruits! I am so glad I never bought any more Apple's new shiny toys! (BTW I been Anti-Apple for a long time because of their business model) This goes to prove that they are the 2nd most greedy company behind AT&T. And there should be consumer protection in AUS that the user hit with a $6,000AUS bill. Understably that the carriers are not going to offer refunds right off, because they see the profit they can make. However, all it will take is a class action against either APPLE or the cell companies that refuse to credit/refund (in the case of those forced to pay) the overages.

Hidden as it is a rant and opinion of the last year.

Welcome to capitalism of 21st century, where Apple sues to get more capital, send out bugged software for their iPhones, and cell providers will not credit/refund overages and lowering caps while cramming ads to make $$. Either these companies are thing the world is going to end at 11:11 on 12/21/12 and they want to go out with the most money, or they are so uncaring these days that they just want to get fatter!

TO HELL WITH APPLE! I refuse to ever buy another product ever again!
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