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Martinsburg, WV
reply to lunanox315

Re: 100kps Download Speed - Nothing Can Be Done?

So just got off the phone with one of the Frontier technicians. He basically said he saw no problem from his end at all. He said he could come check the line again but if they were out there 5 months ago that there was probably nothing else he could do. I explained the issue and he said something about a fiber optics line being cut in Ohio and how it's screwing everyone up here.

He also pretty much insinuated that I should call Frontier back and try to get a discount on my bill since it's their end.

Still waiting on Comcast's report to see if it's feasible to hook into them. If not, I might look into that new broadband satellite but the latency would KILL me for Warcraft (1000-1500 ms) I know, I know, first-world problems...