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reply to Nightfall

Re: Patching Servers using WSUS

said by Nightfall:

said by OmenQ:

I use WSUS on all my servers (~50, all VM guests) with no issues.
I manually apply updates to the physical hosts still.
I have everything from Server 2008R2 down to Server 2000.

Have you had any issues with these updates killing servers or services? I know it depends on the software in your organization. Still, that would be my biggest fear, but I haven't had an issue with patching on servers since the Windows 2000 days.

Once a year (literally), I get an alert on my phone that the SQL Server is down, and I have to go in and manually restart the service due to an update. Most SQL updates will wait for a reboot to finish installing, but some of them will install right at that second, and sometimes the SQL Server process won't start back up. Hasn't been an issue since I catch it at 6/7AM and none of our users are in until 8AM.

Used to have constant issues with patching Exchange 2003 and I went to manual patching, but after we upgraded to Exchange 2010, I allowed it to start auto-patching and I haven't had any issues yet. I have all updates for any server install at 3AM, so that there is enough time for the backups to run and if the SQL/Exchange Services don't come up, I can get them back up in the early AM.

I still keep a close eye on every Patch Tuesday and read for any patches that apply to SQL/Exchange, though.
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