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reply to nitzguy

Re: [Niagara] 40gb of "usage" while the modem is unplu

said by nitzguy:

Something doesn't seem right.....

In reality, if I'm a hacker and an "evil person" and I'm benefitting from this, I'm going to take it to the max...so to just use "40gb" in a month with a hacked modem doesn't sound right to me, if its me, and I know of a way to max it out, I'm gonna max it out and screw that other person to the $50 overage...not just go "Oh, I feel sorry and I'm only going to make them pay $15/month more"....that's just not how criminal elements work...you'd see Angelos and Angelos of usage....not just 40gb....

...Anywho, something in this story just doesn't ring true.....I'm not saying that people don't clone macs, but if you were one of those people, you just wouldn't magically stop at 40GB...it just doesn't make sense....

If this 'MAC Clowning' is as easy to do as some say, then why use so much per subscriber that it leaves ZERO DOUBT as to what is going on ?

Stopping at 40GB or some moderate amount is just enough to cause dissent between the provider and some of their subscribers (and some customers will not even notice, just paying up blindly), but not enough for all parties to agree that something serious (nor what exactly) is wrong.

EDIT : As I read further, I see that the next 2 posters have made a similar point to mine.


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