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reply to Suntop

Re: Samsung

said by Suntop:

Oh on a side note, Microsoft is just as bad. But they stole from APPLE who stole.... It is so sad no one remembers computer history. For example M$-Dos was bought for around $50,000 from Seattle Computer. Which is not even 10% of what Microsoft should of given the creator of DOS. They should have at least given the creator a few million.

If you want to appear more than 13 years old, I recommend that you cool it with the "M$." That stuff became old in 2002.

As a matter of fact, the creator of MS-DOS did get millions -- at least a few, possibly more.

Tim Patterson later went to work for Microsoft over three separate stretches. The pre-IPO stock options he got would've made him a deca-millionaire, assuming they vested before he left.

He also went back to work for Microsoft post-IPO, in 1990. This time, he stayed 8 years, so those options definitely vested. He would've become at least a millionaire, even if he sold immediately upon vesting. If he held onto them until he left, he would've become a multi-millionaire.

Fairfield, MT
My apologies. I did not mean to make you think that. Excuse me for being a lil silly when I WROTE IT. And thank you for letting me know that he did get paid properly for that. I did not know that till now.


Don't worry about it. I've also written silly things from time to time.

Best way I've found of avoiding this is to do my research ahead of time. That way, I can form my opinions based on facts instead of assumptions.


reply to tanzam75
said by tanzam75:
If you want to appear more than 13 years old, I recommend that you cool it with the "M$." That stuff became old in 2002.
No.. its part of the official club handshake. I know suntop is a member sort of like the handshakes of masons in the past.

I use it all the time, and will continue to use any as a form of derogatory reference to them, crapple and other companies.

If you would like I have some other terms for them which I would be glad to use... but they most definitely are not for the "kumbaya pc" crowd here, so m$ and crapple, crapble will have to suffice.
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