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Monticello, NY
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Re: Google promised something in return...

First off, 50% of it going to the company isn't generous, if anything it's actually on the low side given that beyond the initial setup they really have little ongoing costs per user beyond the pennies for bandwidth.

The $750 I stated yes I didn't realize that number was being split between individual homes and neighborhoods...

And your numbers are no where near accurate. It cost them ~$750 per 25 houses per mile for networking, plus whatever to wire them indivdually ($3-400). Your $24k figure would actually be about $13k.

See: »fastnetnews.com/fiber-news/175-d···nd-dirty

And interest rates on a loan may be a non-factor since google could realistically fund the project entirely out of pocket.

Snohomish, WA

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ReREAD that article (2nd para). recognize his spectultive numbers are optimistic lowering/guesstimates of the lowest numbers he could find, and YOU lowered them again in your post.
and then reread the next to last paragragh too and you'll see his best case is $1000+ per home (sound familiar?) and at least a 10 year return, under the best of all worlds.
And google does have other things to invest in or stockholders to pay, and other ideas to persue (they don't keep it all under the matteress) so the money is never free, even if you aren't paying somebody else for it.

I think EVREYONE would like to see google fiber suceed, but for them (or similar) projects to become widespread, people need to be realistic about the true costs in real world typical situations and not get all Googlly-eyed about a cherry pick location, with unrealistic low costs and other barriers to entry.
Contrary to (local)DLSR opinions most of the barriers are not the incumbents, not crooked politicians, but true physical and financial and technical limitations.
given enough MONEY we can solve the technical and physical ones, but getting that money and applying it correctly isn't easy for anyone anymore.