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Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN
reply to JolietJake

Re: If you look at the transcripts...

said by JolietJake :

Do you really think Hogan, described as publicity loving, would have forgotten that he was sued by Seagate, a prominent playing in the computer industry?

Honestly, depends on what the circumstances of the case were. If it was him personally, no, probably not. If it was through the operations of his business, like the other previous lawsuit he did mention, then yeah, he might have forgotten about it.

He sounds arrogant and like someone who has waited 20 years to get back at the 'somsabitches' who sued him.

Except it's not really getting back at them. His beef was with Seagate. Samsung has a partnership with Seagate in that Samsung gave their hard drive business to them in exchange for Seagate using their NAND chips. Seagate grows their business, Samsung gets out the drive mgf business, and Samsung can focus on remaining a supplier of chips where the future ultimately lies. Samsung owns a portion of Seagate, but I just don't believe that he would make the jump to spite Samsung because Seagate spited him.