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Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN
reply to JolietJake

Re: from the voir dire (jury selection) transcript -

said by JolietJake :

By the way, the lawsuit Hogan is talking about was 2008!!! And a dispute over who owned the patent on computer software - and you don't think this would affect his judgment as the foreman of the jury?

It wasn't a dispute over who owned the patent on computer software. It was over who owned the rights to the software. Patents weren't mentioned.

My guess is that it was simply who really owned the software and could license it in the future. It's common in software development that contracted work is owned by the developer unless the rights were specifically transferred to the contracting company. However if the work was not done by a contractor and was instead the work of a direct employee, then the copyrights are typically owned by the company. I don't know about other fields other then software development, but I would imagine that other contract work is similar, be it electrical engineering, graphics design, etc.