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El Centro, CA

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reply to xyster

Re: (SOCAL) Ongoing issues need help. Have tracert/speedtest

I am still guessing it is your modem. I am pretty sure congestion can't make your speed go below 1Mbps. Since we live in El Centro I don't believe that congestion could happen. Maybe it can, I could be wrong. How about you get that modem switched out since your signal is near perfect, I don't believe it is a line issue. If it isn't the modem get a truck roll and ask for a engineer. I had the cell number for one around here but I believe I lost it. I had line issues before and it took around 5 guys before an actual engineer came out and figured out the problem.


El Centro, CA
I'll go ahead and give that a shot I suppose. To me, it's just a bit weird that it has been happening in a certain bracket of time during the day in an almost consistent manner. Ty


El Centro, CA
reply to Coolbam
It wasn't the modem or any hardware on my side. Tech confirmed that it is an ongoing issue in the valley right now that affects the whole are from Calexico and in through Brawley. It's basically the same thing that another tech had told me that came out to check on my connection over a year ago or so. He said they have the hardware in place to improve the situation, but they are waiting on one or two more things to be in place.

I was told "Hopefully before the end of the year" it will be fixed. That was basically the same thing I was told a long while back. However, the speed drops frequently and consistently all throughout the day. No longer does it just slow for 1 hour a day. Now, it seems to be slowing down at least 5-10 times through the day. The speeds are god awful. »www.speedtest.net/result/2240373672.png

Apparently quite a few businesses are having the same issues as well as one of the hospitals that one of my family members works at. Too many people are now getting upset here that I have talked to since the issue has progressively gotten worse from a month ago.

It feels a bit worse than being on an old 56k modem many times. The Google homepage had to actually take a few seconds to load the image at one point.


El Centro, CA
These are my speeds right now and no Powerboost. I have no idea why it is happening to you. Something is going on in your node. I really have no idea what is causing the slow downs. Anyone have any suggestions?

My traceroute compared to yours.

Target Name: www.google.com
Date/Time: 10/14/2012 5:19:10 PM

1 29 ms 10 ms 27 ms []
2 13 ms 8 ms 10 ms gig1-0-3elctca-swt1.natsow.rr.com []
3 14 ms 10 ms 11 ms CPE-65-28-211-93.kc.res.rr.com []
4 14 ms 8 ms 10 ms CPE-65-28-210-144.kc.res.rr.com []
5 43 ms 18 ms 19 ms tge0-15-0-2.tustcaft-ccr01.socal.rr.com []
6 20 ms 17 ms 33 ms []
7 21 ms 17 ms 16 ms ae-1-0.pr0.lax10.tbone.rr.com []
8 94 ms 87 ms 89 ms []
9 18 ms 26 ms 16 ms []
10 23 ms 16 ms 19 ms []
11 22 ms 16 ms 15 ms lax02s02-in-f17.1e100.net []

Ping statistics for www.google.com
Packets: Sent = 3, Received = 3, Lost = 0 (0.0%)
Round Trip Times: Minimum = 15ms, Maximum = 22ms, Average = 17ms