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Admittedly, A Teksavvy Fan

Toronto CAN.
reply to KidJak28

Re: [DSL] Rocky! You still monitoring. I need help help! Nightma

Amazing commitment to customer satisfaction!! Well done TSI!


Walnut Creek, CA
reply to KidJak28

This all leaves me scratching my head and wondering why Bell can't be more like AT&T...

I signed up with Sonic.net after hours on Friday, so the order wouldn't have been put through to AT&T until Monday. I never got an install date (Sonic will get me one once AT&T gets it to them) but out of sheer boredom I connected my phone last night; got dial tone, called my cell, it rang, the correct number showed up. Called the line back from my cell, it rang.

So AT&T gets the order Monday, you know they didn't process it that day, so they processed it Tuesday and had a tech out Wednesday. Sonic.net probably hasn't gotten that far into their ticket queue and I'm already hooked up. As soon as my equipment gets here, I should have DSL.

Now, I switched to Sonic.net on Friday because it just recently became available to me here, which I learned because I was checking on availability for my office (which happens to be a 4 minute walk from my apartment) and had placed an order there, as well. That order was placed Friday afternoon, given connect date (AT&T) of Wednesday, wherein the tech showed up promptly within the first 10 minutes of the window, did his bit, and was on his way. Dial tone on both lines (bonded DSL). The Sonic.net tech will be out tomorrow with the DSL equipment for the office.

Why is AT&T this good about hooking up third party users? Because the money they get from TPIA is money that's not going to their competitors; so they view the ISPs who lease their network as their customers, because they are.


Richmond Hill, ON
reply to KidJak28

Yes I want to thank TSI for helping out but to be honest it took three weeks for someone like Phil and Roger to take action.

There were rejection orders coming back and TSI asking me to call the phone provider to verify my address. I called the phone provider who swore up and down that the address is correct. I got "numerous" messages from TSI stating that they found the problem and was resubmitting the order only to have it rejected. Three weeks of this until they decided to cut my internet for no reason! Imagine how you would feel in my position?

I spent at least 4 separate days at the office waiting for the bell tech to arrive when TSI said they would only to be disappointed. That was really frustrating not to mention work loss.

The last time, when TSI said the tech would be coming before 5pm. I knew very well that they wouldn't be coming and sure enough I was there until 6:00pm and no one showed.

Again I know TSI is at the mercy of Bell and I'm all for rooting for the underdog but sometimes you need to be a little more proactive and when someone says I need help they shouldn't have to go to a forum to get it.

Having said that Thank you everyone for getting me back online.

TSI Pierre
Baby, Wanna see what 300Gigs looks like?
Chatham, ON

kidjake284 I want to thank you for your patience, I did witness Phil and Andre working real hard at getting a tech properly dispatched and even though we were told it would happen, it didn't and for that I apologize. Yes at times we are at the mercy of the incumbent but at the end of the day YOU are our customer and that's what counts to me. We are investigating with the incumbent this case and we are reviewing our procedures to try and mitigate these issues in the future. Once again...thank you and happy you are back online!
TSI Pierre - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
VP Operations