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Lansing, MI
reply to jabarnut

Re: [NFL] Week 5 Games Discussion

College football would love to have a talk with you.

The kids not just a winner. Hes possibly the best college QB we have ever seen because of his unique skill set. Now we know that alot of that success will be dampened just because the Ds in the NFL are faster and smarter but hes got more than just a sparkk in his gut. The kids a blazing fire of try. At some point hes going to convince a coach/gm somewhere that he can do it. At that point we will see what hes made of.

If he fails then to the pulpit he goes.
Leaning out a window with a cocked shotgun. Driving up the block in the car they shot Pac in. Looking for Big's killers. Dressing ridiculous. Blue and red like I don't know what the big deal is.

Light Years Away
Galaxy M31

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said by f0rtys3ven:

College football would love to have a talk with you.

Yeah, but this ain't college football.
I agree..definitely give him a chance in the NFL before he ultimately (and surely), goes to the pulpit. Amen.
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