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Hicksville, NY
reply to DAOWAce

Re: Internet having issues after upgrading cable service

said by DAOWAce:

We had basic cable with Cablevision. (added to OP)

Signal levels are worse than they were when we optimized our wiring a year and a half ago trying to fix CV's issues. Used to have a perfect 0 on the downstream power level. Not happy seeing them the way they are now when nothing has changed on our end (except the addition of a TiVo box in place of Cablevision's DVR box).

You not being happy with the signal levels is not important - because the levels are perfectly fine, you just don't know that.

Your RX levels are between -10 and +10 dBmV , which enables you to maintain a QAM lock, and decode frames with low BER.

Think of the signal strength as a number indicating the distance from the center lane in a 400m dash: every runner runs the same distance because they are set back a different amount (= cable modem has different signal level depending on distance from node), and winning does not depend on which lane you start in, and no particular lane will give you an advantage over any other.

The TLV-11 failure in the log is not indicative of a problem you are able to observe (at all) - I am almost sure this does not occur with every reboot either. Do tell if it does. TM822?

Your problem, once again, is RF related, in a manner not related to actual signal strength. What happens if you disco the DVR, and hook the TIVO back up? Or, if you have a terminator cap laying around: you disco the RF run to the TIVO/DVR room at the splitter (and screw the terminator on)?