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Open the Canadian Market NOW

East York, ON
·Rogers Hi-Speed

You don't get how Wholesale works.

All wholesale companies run this way... If your getting dsl, your local phone company is always involved, as is your local cable company for cable services.

Under your mentality, there is no choice.. It's Bell or Rogers..

Doesn't sound like a choice to me..

Sadly due to how our lovely government/CRTC set up the system, there is trouble.. If you have issues, you have to understand it may take time to get things fixed. Bell has been playing hard ball ever since TEKSAVVY and the rest stood up to them over UBB etc. They can't bring in their own techs to work on Bell's network.. Bell would never allow it.

I would recommend you have your issue escalated or go back to Bell or Rogers and pay extra for the hand holding approaches.


London, ON
I've seen a few Execulink trucks out in the wild here in London. But I think that's because in some of the smaller towns, they are their own phone company.


reply to koreyb
@koreyb The main issue I had was with tech support and the lack of accountability when modem issues occurred. I'd rather not support the big corporations (due to the issues you mentioned above), but I also am not in favour of covering the costs for a modem that is still under warranty.


David contacted me and made it his priority to resolve the issue, which I really appreciate. So Thanks David! Now, I'm waiting to see if the discussed changes show up the next billing cycle.
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