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Scarborough, ON

Need help on deciding an ISP.

I was enjoying my Bell internet for a good seven months (before that it was Bhell) and now they've returned to Bhell status. Once more, their Bandwidth Usage Tracker tracks upload usage at 2~3GB per day when I haven't uploaded anything, and (mathematically) I'd have to keep my computer on 24/7 or get max upload speed all the time. I don't want to deal with that and Bandwidth Caps, nor do I want to deal with the incompetent technical support who decides (four or five times now) that I need a new router! I've replaced it like three times!

In any case, what I'm looking for is an internet plan that is around $40~50 (cheaper is better, of course) with no caps and 16mbps or above speed. I would also like to know that if any issues arise, I won't have to deal with crappy support or wait ten days without internet. I've heard good things about Teksavvy (with the good things declining in number) and bad things about Distributel (with good things increasing in number) but not much about anything else.

The aforementioned two ISPs are the big ones I'm thinking of switching to. I would also hope that congestion (or what have you) wouldn't slow down my "up to X connection" by 20 mbps. Or if it does, at least I hope it doesn't do it constantly.

Am I asking for something that doesn't exist?