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Re: CallCentric tech issues today?

This thread seems to have begun at 5:55 PM Eastern Time today.

At 5:12 PM, I made a call thru CC and it had long pauses and possibly some dropped data as I listened to the other party's outgoing VM message, and was not sure whether the message I tried to leave was successful.

At 5:15 PM, I called again and everything was clean, no dropouts, and I left my message (again ?).

Both calls were billed at 1 minute each.

Was this part of the same problem ? - Not sure.

BTW, both myself and the party I called are in Canada, and they would be local to me if this was on a landline.

It is rare that I ever hear audio aberrations from the other party, no matter which VoIP provider I use, though sometimes the other party says that MY voice breaks up, etc.


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