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Re: Mediacom Disconnects and Bans Alleged Internet Pirates

seems a bit harsh. I'm surprised these content providers don't come after the people directly though. A ban is nothing compared to getting sued for each track they think you downloaded, defending yourself and/or paying up would be very expensive.

At a dollar a song, better to just pay for your music... cough... I just wish these services would provide lossless masters like FLAC. Though apple's AAC files are for the most part, very good. I used itunes match for 25 bucks to convert some low bitrate stuff into their variable bitrate AAC format, really worth the cash. Though not all bands allow their stuff on itunes. AC/DC for example. I'm a bit obsessive compulsive.. when a third of my tracks ended up as nice sounding AAC, I wanted them all that way... one format or another.. not both ... but itunes match isn't perfect, it would only match about 80%.

Amazon's are cheaper, but I've found I notice the quality difference mostly due to more clipping from jacked up volume levels on the converted tracks. I really don't like having both MP3 and AAC in my collection, one or the other. :P


Fisher, IL

there not going after you for downloading the file. There going after you for uploading the file. p2p is an interesting thing like that. You here all the time about this stuff. I know people who download gigs and gigs of stuff but they dont allow there torrent client to upload anything... and they have never had a notice...