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Fort Erie, ON
reply to brian5

Re: [Niagara] 40gb of "usage" while the modem is unplu

said by brian5 :

The cell companies measure it too. How is everyones cellphone bill data usage? I find mine is pretty accurate(when compared to usage showing in Android---- virginmobile).

The difference is that cellcos also metre business/corporate accounts, and those kind of customers are far more likely to make a stink up to and including lawsuits if they feel the metreing is inaccurate and charging them for usage they didn't actually use.

Contrast this with Internet providers, where business and corporate accounts are almost universally unmetred, and the only ones who have to deal with it are residential users who are far more likely to just roll over and take it if there is an error.

If the same kind of metre inaccuracy was happening to Cogeco's business users, there would be suck a stink that they'd either have to correct the error or face the wrath of customers who are far more likely to take legal action if they feel they're being wronged.