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My Goal Is To Deny Yours
Grand Rapids, MI
reply to OmenQ

Re: Patching Servers using WSUS

said by OmenQ:

I still do manual approval on everything except anti-virus definitions. So if I set a deadline, it's generally for a Sunday morning when I know I'll be available to clean up any issues that arise while no one's using the systems.
I have one or two servers that occasionally won't come back up properly (Application service hangs) but that's why I schedule them for Sunday morning. There was an issue for a while with Exchange 2010 SP2 services not auto-starting, but eventually a patch fixed that.
Having the building closed on Sundays sure is nice.

This is what our network admin wants to do. We are closed on the weekends, and if he is able to make this work, then all power to him. I will support him in his endeavor. He is going to be testing this next week when patch tuesday hits.
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