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Moncton, NB

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Re: [Raiding] Tanking Damage Adjustment Hot Fixes

I did a bit more reading and have tanked a bit at 440 ilvl in heroics since making my rant post and I feel a bit better now.

The incease in Ilvl surpassed the increase in difficulty from heroics. I now spend a lot of my time on trash mauling because my healers is staying over 90% mana and I can self heal.

Bosses are more reasonable, I am still focusing on dodge uptime but it is not as much of a panic. Unless I fail a mechanic badly it seems I am Mr Uber tank again. (I am sure that feeling will faid quickly in raid Saturday)

Anyways. I still disagree with the philosphy behind the changes. To me it seems like a DK thing not a Paladin thing.

People were all like "Our DK tank's are so pro look at them activly mitigate isin't that cool? Their skill really shows! All tanks should be like that, ya!" (I forget the exact GC quote but it was something like that)

My response is that Ferals had many ways to let their skill show all ready. I am on the side of the fence that different tanks should be good at different things. They don't all need the exact same tools.

I think Cata was a good place for tanks as far as parity. As long as you try to make all tanks the same, the ones who are slightly better numbers wise will be the default choice. When they are different you can take advantage of your tanks strength and small difference in raw numbers are more negligable.

DK Tanks had the best Total Damage Reduction over a fight.
and had active mitigation for small damage spike.

Paladin Tanks had the best Cool Downs for big damage spikes.

Warior Tanks had the best Mobility and over all tool box.

Druid Tanks had the best DPS and looked the coolest >8-)

That was fine with me. I may be wrong but it seems they want us all to have the same survival CDs, same active mitigation, same total damage reduction, the same DPS. Mobility? I assume it's still Warrior > Druid > Paladin = DK.

Just... QQ


I've been tanking a bit more now. At 455 ilvl. Starting to feel a bit better, my dps is coming up pretty steady in line with my stats. And gemming/enchanting some peices helped too.

I still am sore about having to choose between passive speed increase and bear charge, I need both.

I love my treants too much to give them up for Berserk's ugly step brother of a talent. I *DEMAND* they make trents help my rage somehow, or I AM GOING TO cancel my sub!!!! >:-(

Either their crits give me some rage, or it has a chance to reset my mangle or enrage cooldown. SOMETHING.

It's dumb for a talent to be useful damage reducer on trash, but be totaly useless except for piddling dps on a raid boss. And it's the coolest looking one!