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Boonville, MO
·AT&T Southwest

Desperately Need Help

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Showtime SNR

DSL State
Background: For over a year now our U-verse IPDSLAM service has been giving us headaches. Frequent drops, will resynch at like 2MB (should be at 12MBps). Voice line also has occassional static/hiss.

Technicians have replaced buried drop, put new ground wire on, replaced whole house filter, replaced modem.

Finally had enough and hacked my NVG510 to get into the telnet shell and ran some tools against it.

Can someone look at this information and tell me what they see, if anything? ANY HELP would be appreciated.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sounds like they are throwing parts at the problem hoping to cure it. If you are hearing static and hissing on the voice line there is probably a wire problem. If you could get an experienced tech out there with a low tech KS meter or Sidekick meter they could probably see the problem. Its not rocket science, all they have to do is isolate the wire portion of the circuit from the vrad and look at it. Have they looked at the inside wiring with a meter? If not then your inside wiring could have a problem. You need an experienced repairman out there not wantabes.