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Moncton, NB
reply to s1deout

Re: [MoP] New heroics - my first experiences

My experience was good.

Pugging I was rolling through them pretty fast.

With a guild group we got Scarlet Monestary and it was rough. None of us knew the pulls and the healer/tank had barley enough gear to que. We wiped a few times.

There is a lot of good stuff to say about MoP heroics, but I will focus on one.

Scarlet Monestary is one of the first dungeons to be known for it's voice overs "I'll rip the secrets from your flesh!"

The Voice acting in the new dungeons is good. Since Cata was SOOOO bad (Go'el I love you), I had low hopes for this.

But they fixed their mistakes. The voice acting had been great throughout MoP. I hope they fired each and everyone from Cata.