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Flanders, NJ

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reply to cablewizzard

Re: Internet having issues after upgrading cable service

said by cablewizzard:

- how much uptime (days) did you have with the modem when you looked at the correcteds/uncorrecteds?

Well looks like it's not channel 5!

Downstream 1 2 3839 341
Downstream 2 1 3661 196
Downstream 3 3 3927 1239
Downstream 4 4 3644 204
Downstream 5 5 4542 984

Initial report was after no more than an hour uptime. This report is after 10 hours, though the internet hasn't been used much at all in this time.

Before I rebooted it? I can't remember.

said by Bob4:

I can see where this is going. Maybe you should switch to Fios.

I'd have been using them 3+ years ago if they bothered to wire down my street. Yes, my STREET. It's on the main road no more than a 30 seconds walk from here. I have spoken with a FiOS engineer and they said to wire down my street it would have to come from a completely different feed and since Verizon stopped rolling out, I can't get the service. If only I could move a few houses away!

said by La Luna:

This wouldn't have anything to do with this »Has anyone else noticed Google loading slow? , would it?

Could be.. but in my case every single new connection is affected regardless of host.. unless everyone is using Google's apps! All internet based games I've attempted to load up have hung/timed-out as well.

Strangely, pinging google.com directly results in a 100% loss so far. Running a tracert shows 97% loss at the last hop after 100 packets sent.

Not sure it's relevant though, 'cause.. "Ping request could not find host microsoft.com. Please check the name and try again." The attempt after that found the host, but it appears they're ignoring ICMP packets. (adding www. fails as well)

Also gotten some packet loss at (OOL). Nothing showing on my »/r3/smokepi···2f039c86 though.