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Damn Kidney Stones
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reply to mmainprize

Re: [WIN7] Recommended SSD System Tweaks?

said by mmainprize:

The SSD drive should not store data that changes a lot. So i would think it would be a good idea to more your TEMP directorys to a fixed drive, and the swap file also.

Any other directory that will change a lot because the SSD has a limited number of writes before it will start failing. This should take years before that happens but in the case of the temp internet files, every page you go to creates files, and at some point it has to delete files to be able to add files and this just repeats at some point for every page you go to unless you use something like cccleaner to delete then and start over but that should not be done either on the SSD.

Then what point is an SSD? I suggest that consumers buy the largest they can afford (prices are approaching $1/Gb) and go from there. I have temp files and a large swap file on my SSD without any problem (mind you, it's an Intel). My own preference is for Intel drives.
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