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Lea Massiot

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Re: VPN between two Cisco 887VA devices

As I thought "PC 1" and "PC 2" might have been responsible for this VPN not to work:
- I put the two of them in a workgroup "WORKGROUP_1".
- I logged in as user "U" with password "P" on both machines.
- I chose two "Windows XP" machines for this experiment because I wanted to eliminate possible issues related to "Windows 7".
(The routers configuration have NOT changed since my last post).

With these settings, "PC 2" ( CAN access "PC 1"'s shares.
"PC 1" ( CANNOT access "PC 2"'s shares.
It fails like this: cmd.exe> net view
System error 53 has occurred.
The network path wasn't found.

So, doesn't it look like the tunnel works in one direction and not in the other?

Could it be a NAT-T problem as I read quite a lot of times?

Thank you for helping.
Best regards.