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Should I replace my DVR cable box?

I have the Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 DVR for quite a while, and I know that Comcast is using newer DVR cable boxes. I'm not having any problems with it but I'm wondering if there is any reason to stop at a Comcast office and switch out the box for a newer model.

Is there any reason I would want to change it?


Lincroft, NJ

said by yanks:

Is there any reason I would want to change it?

IDK, but there are two reasons I know of why you may not want to change DVRs until you need to:

No easy way to save/transfer any recordings: »[DVR] Saving DVR recordings

No way to save/transfer your recording list to a new DVR: »[DVR] is there a way to save recording list from a DVR?


Springfield, IL

I'll add another one...he could wind up GETTING problems - just because something is new, does NOT always mean it's better...


Lincroft, NJ

That's true, don't know if there are any current issues with the latest Cisco RNG200 and RNG200N models that don't also occur with SA Explorer 8300 DVRs.

I did find this from a year ago: »RNG-200


Palm City, FL
reply to yanks

said by yanks:

Is there any reason I would want to change it?

I purposely switched out my SA-8300HDC several months ago when I found out my local office had brand new Cisco RNG-200N boxes in stock. The box was brand new in factory shrink-wrap, manufactured April 2012. It has a 500GB drive and and matches all the other components (black) in my A/V system. The most amazing thing I immediately noticed was the picture on my Sony (XBR line, 3 years old), was noticeably clearer. I haven't had any of the problems mentioned in other posts and I am very satisfied with it and glad I made the change.


Houston, TX

Click the link for some issues that are on the RNG boxes but not the SA8300 HD boxes that should be fixed in the S26 Guide update:

»Re: New Guides for SA/Cisco Areas (Info from Ted Hodgins Blog)

Another issue that I have seen on the Cisco RNG 200N DVR is if you are watching a recording while it is recording and press fast forward sometimes it will skip all the way to the live point instead of just letting you skip the commercials. I didn't see this on the SA 8300 HD DVR, but the Cisco RNG 200N DVR does have a much bigger hard drive so you can record more programs.
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