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Best Internet and cable deal in ATL?

I'm moving to Atlanta soon (north Atlanta) and want to see what people's opinions are of the best cable TV deal (don't need anything comprehensive, just mostly basic cable but a DVR or two would be nice) and also Internet service. I'd like at least 20 Mbit down and 3 Mbit up since that seems to be standard in most of the modern world or at least standard for a basic offering. From what I read, Charter and Comcast are pretty unreliable which concerns me....

Any suggestions?


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Gone South
If you want cable, you are pretty much stuck with Charter or Comcast. Which one is available depends on where you live. Another option, if it is available where you live, is AT&T U-verse.

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Buckaroo Ban

Atlanta, GA
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Re: Best Internet and cable deal in ATL?

Comcast is the only cable option that I can find in Atlanta. Atlanta, it's supposed to be this ""wired city", but all we have is monopolies like Comcast or if you want to get stuck with inferior DSL. I want to see Verizon or Google come here, then we might actually get some capitalistic competition instead of this "Ma Bell" type monopoly where they are going to stick is with datacaps and over charges for every 50 gigs soon. By summer I am sure Comcast will put in place the 300gig datacap with $10 per 50 gigs over that, you know, cus the internet is "congested". Corporate euphemism for "We know you are canceling cable TV and streaming now, so we will put in place caps to make sure you don't use Netflix or Amazon and if you do, you will wish you kept cable". Everyone knows this.

Ack, sorry for the minirant, just pissed that the only options in this so called "wired city" we only have 1 real option.

Why the hell does Google have to debut their 1 gig/no cap service in Kansas? Why god why? Hurry up Google! I will gladly pay $100 for your service here!


Marietta, GA
You can thank AT&T's lobbyists for the lack of ISP competition. Basically, the incumbents no longer have to share their wire with competing ISPs for consumers. So, you either get it from the phone company or the cable company.

Lily Tomlin comes to mind here.
"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the phone company!"
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