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Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN
reply to Cycholobo

Re: latest Frontier failure

said by Cycholobo:

next time you go for a six pack you may find that you are actually buying a 4 pack and the extra 2 are a "Value Added" bonus. Guess what comes next.

Bad example as the 6 pack is what you're buying. You didn't subscribe to your ISP because you needed an email account. You subscribed because you needed internet access and it came with an email account.

That six pack that you referred to...the bag that it was put in when you checked out is the email. They toss it in with your purchase. You technically pay for that bag as it does have a non-zero cost, but you don't pay less because you just carry it out instead of using a bag.

It's all about "Ethics". Frontier is selling services they can not supply and that is the point.

Sorry You missed that.

I didn't miss that. Your post was regarding their latest failure, their email service. I commented specifically on that aspect. Your line quality and packet loss is a legitimate issue and I don't have a issue with complaining about that because that is what you are paying for.