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Sandy, UT
reply to fuziwuzi

Re: Samsung

It's clear that Samsung _knew_ they were taking ideas from Apple. I think the trial turned to be more about the fact that Samsung _knew_ they were taking from Apple and less about the valitity of Apple's patents to start with. Samsung documents showed they knew they were taking from Apple and Google also warned them.

These appeals are all purely legal moves. They need to send a message to Apple that they are not just going to roll over and collecting on the judgement may take years. It's all an effort to get some type of leverage with Apple and then they can discuss a settlment. A condition of the settlement will be that no one can mention the amount. That there is always the doubt as to the extent of Samsung's guilt as it's not know if they pay $1 less then the judgement or $50.

Samsung will end up paying Apple probably $500k - $750k and work in a deal that Apple won't object to those devices being sold. At the end of the day Samsung will still be the #2 phone manufacture and in the future will pass by Apple by continuing to develop better products.

Not born yesterday
Atlanta, GA

Will Apple in-kind pay Samsung, Motorola, HTC, etc. for the patents Apple has been stealing and refusing to negotiate a license?
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